what is macro SEO?

Macro SEO is the perfect counterpart to your traditional SEO practice. It’s adding a level of capability and technology that can help you capture entire search markets. it’s that edge you need over your competitors.

It’s about putting together the optimal SEO ecosystem for large scale, long term growth.

broader reach

Capture more of your total market to outpace your competitors

truly scalable

Utilize big data to create a larger digital footprint optimized for search

bigger impact

Broadly boost performance across all your search market verticals

ever growing

Build on sustainable strategies that provide short and long term gain


An advanced internal link pagerank optimization technology for achieving broad ranking improvements for enterprise sites


An advanced technical SEO landing page platform for capturing large new market segments through organic search


A human and data driven, blended content generation tool delivering scalable, high quality, unique content for enterprise sites


An organic search solution enabling the mapping of entire search markets that help enterprise companies discover and value new opportunities, analyze competition, and track search performance

what’s the solution?

For enterprise sites, it’s solving thin content issues on millions of pages. It’s having enough internal resources to build enough new pages to capture whole new search verticals. It’s solving complex internal linking issues. it’s ranking on millions of terms.

Macro SEO is knowing what the next most valuable opportunity is, and then putting together the right strategy to win.

case studies

A full bodied Macro SEO strategy combines multiple synergistic
tactics in order to create an optimal ranking environment.

Below are a few case studies where our strategy & products were implemented to achieve transformational results.

our clients

Myers Media Group has over 10 years experience helping our
clients capture their highly competitive SEO markets

“MMG is one of the best kept secrets in our large-scale SEO arsenal.”

– Tevin Andersen, Director Global SEO, Expedia


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& managed




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