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The Macrotrend Platform

MMG has over a decade of experience invested in developing and devising Macro SEO strategy & solutions for Enterprise sites who aim to reach their full search market potential. Our line of products are designed to enhance your site’s current domain and lay a foundation for gaps you don’t cover. Each product can be used singularly or be combined for greater effect.


A tool that allows the mapping of entire search markets in order to discover and value new opportunities, analyze competition, and track search performance.


An advanced internal link equity optimization technology for achieving broad ranking improvements for enterprise sites.


A human written, data driven blended content generation tool delivering scalable, high quality, unique content for enterprise sites.


An advanced technical SEO landing page platform designed to capture large new search market segments.

What is Macro SEO?

For enterprise sites, it’s solving thin content issues on millions of pages. It’s having enough internal resources to build enough new pages to capture whole new search verticals. It’s solving complex internal linking issues. It’s ranking on millions of terms.

Macro SEO is identifying the next big opportunity for growth, then using data-driven large scale technology to win it.

Our Clients

“MMG is one best agencies I’ve worked with in my SEO career. Their combination of innovative, advanced solutions to internal linking and content really set them ahead of other agencies in the space.”
– Ryan Taylor, Sr. SEO Technical Specialist, VRBO

VRBO logo

“MMG’s Macrotrend Platform has helped us transform our digital footprint in a big way by offering a scalable solution for some of our most complex seo and content challenges.”
– Heath Bradburry Sr, Director SEO, Advance Auto Parts

Advance Auto Parts

“MMG is one of the best kept secrets in our large-scale SEO arsenal.”
– Tevin Andersen, Director Global SEO, Expedia

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