MMG Partner Program

Myers Media Group’s Partner Program is ideal for Full Service Digital Marketing Agencies, Traditional SEO Services Firms, Data Analytics & Reporting Companies, and Marketing Consulting Firms that want to augment their portfolio by adding our World-Class digital growth technologies to their offerings.

Our technologies are in many ways foundational to all digital marketing tactics including SEO, Paid Search, E-mail, Social Media and Content Marketing. They are complementary, not competitive.

By bringing MMG technologies to your clients, you can upsell additional services in support of the platform, increase the total value of your contracts, increase your stickiness through long term contracts with recurring revenue, and provide growth and solutions at a large scale – a truly unique competitive advantage.

There are two levels of Partner: Market & Implementation.

As a Market Partner, you will get exclusive access to resources and training to help you market and sell – receiving a percentage of the contract value sold. As an Implementation Partner, you will be trained to provide services in direct support of implementing our solutions – and therefore take a greater share of the contract value. For both types of Partners, we will also work to offer your services to our clients in order to create a mutually beneficial arrangement.

For the duration of our partnership, you’ll have full access to our sales team, project managers, implementation team and more, ensuring that your clients are taken care of and get the results they deserve.

Our ideal Partners currently work with mid-level to enterprise size companies in the online space, or businesses looking to significantly expand their online presence in highly competitive online markets. Their annual budgets for all digital marketing efforts should exceed $10 million dollars.

All our solutions are designed to solve common problems at a large scale, through data driven tools and unique programmatic techniques that have been proven over 12 years of successful application.

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Why Should You Partner with MMG?

Implementing our technologies for your clients will:

  • Increase your total contract value significantly
  • Increase long term “stickiness” with your clients
  • Offer a unique competitive advantage to your clients
  • Build a stronger foundation for expanding all of your services offerings

Our Partners

We are proud to work with the following top quality digital services providers. All MMG Partners are stand-outs in their fields.

Red Door Interactive helps brands effectively, efficiently, and emotionally deliver their stories to their audiences through full-funnel marketing programs. They balance brand building with performance marketing, strategy with execution, and technology with talent.

SOS is a digital marketing agency that is committed to using only ethical methodologies and provides a complete suite of local and global online marketing services. SOS diagnoses existing digital marketing practices and recommends and implements new strategic solutions.

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