long term success

macro SEO is our unique approach to large scale, long term search market success.

by combining the scalability of technology with the insights of big data, MMG provides macro SEO solutions & services meant to help large brands (and sites) bolster their online footprint, uncover/ unlock new search market potential and sustainably grow in competitive search markets.

in working with partners, we strive to uncover new search market opportunities and find new market segments that will capture and deliver valuable new organic search traffic.

we look at all aspects of your site and business. from understanding your competitive landscape to scoping out content issues to optimizing your internal link architecture (and understanding what pages are actually most valuable to you, your business and to Google), we find areas in which you can grow. our solutions and services complement traditional SEO work and we’re no strangers to working with internal teams. we’re not meant to replace traditional SEO, rather be the additional layer of SEO strategy that’s going to give you the competitive advantage to stay on top. since we work at scale, we’re able to deliver faster results with attributable ROI, improve thousands to millions of keywords and pages at once and be the extra bandwidth you need to get things done.

for 10 years, MMG’s strategy has achieved proven and sustainable results, through all Google updates, across multiple industries and in the most competitive organic search markets around the globe. 

MMG’s MACROTRENDtm platform & products include:


an advanced internal link pagerank optimization technology for achieving broad ranking improvements for enterprise sites


an advanced technical SEO landing page platform for capturing large new market segments through organic search


a human and data driven, blended content generation tool delivering scalable, high quality, unique content for enterprise sites


an organic search solution enabling the mapping of entire search markets that help enterprise companies discover and value new opportunities, analyze competition, and track search performance

to learn more about each solution please give us 30 minutes. we’re not the right solution for everyone, but if we are we will transform your online performance.

please click here to view Callie O’Brian, our Director of Business Development’s calendar and set up a 30 min discovery phone call.