What is Macro SEO?

Macro SEO is a different approach to expanding your digital reach than traditional SEO. In fact, it isn’t just about SEO. It’s about reach, conversion, and a foundational strategy to help SEO, SEM, Email and all your digital marketing efforts. It’s about thinking big, going after entire segments of your market, and outpacing your competition. Interested?

Think Big. Your Competition Is.

A “macro” approach starts with adopting a new mindset. First, you need to acknowledge the fact that the size of your total available market is, well, huge. In the world of “Google is Everywhere”, most competitive online verticals (e.g. automotive, travel, home services, etc…) need to address millions or even billions of ways people search for what is available.

Have you ever searched for “chrysler 300 transmission fluid dipstick”? Maybe or maybe not, but in the automotive space there are tens of thousands of people each month that are searching for millions of combinations of makes, models, years and a part type just like this. (Note: We helped Advance Auto achieve top ranking for this term and millions more. Try it.)

The point is, in the ocean of information seekers in your market, how well are you reaching these customers? Are you reaching all of them? What gaps do you have that could be worth millions in additional revenue if only you could?

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A “macro” approach is a way of thinking about the big picture, analyzing the larger opportunities, and applying technology to capture them. It is an absolute reality that you must be capable of mastering the Big Data picture in your space in order to discover the best opportunities. But it doesn’t stop there. You must be capable of acting on that information – of going after these opportunities with large scale strategy, tactics, and technologies that allow you to expand your reach by leaps and bounds.

Another way of putting it: Why fish with a pole, when you can fish with a trawler?

MMG has spent over a decade working with top brands in the most competitive spaces. We have developed our approach and technology to help solve the most common issues enterprise sites face, and we understand how to go after new opportunities quickly and effectively. Our tactics are safe, sustainable, and deliver proven results. We remove issues like low internal IT resources, an overwhelmed digital marketing team, and legacy platform capabilities.

To define your big picture, we use advanced proprietary tools to capture a vast amount of data about you and your top competitors. With that in hand, we outline a strategy for both short & long term success. Then we apply the right mix of our advanced Macrotrend™ Platform technologies, combined with our World-Class SEO strategists to make the effort profitable for you in year one and beyond.

MMG can help you maintain your competitive advantage by going big, finding value, and acting on it.

It’s time to Scale your Search.

Overcome Common Challenges Like:


How to determine the best value and area of focus in large markets


Resolving thin, duplicate, and static content issues across large numbers of pages


Vastly improving the breadth of keywords ranking and overall rank position

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Ensuring all your pages are quickly and thoroughly indexed by Google


Identifying and creating missing page types that would capture valuable, untapped market segments


Overcoming the limitations of legacy platforms in areas like content optimization and large-scale page build outs


Finding the bandwidth to accomplish vital digital marketing efforts needed to capture new opportunities quickly


Improving performance and synergy between sites you own that compete in the same market


Clearer Attribution

identify clearer attribution of value between Macro tactics and successful performance

Competitive Advantage

dominate your competitive landscape with cutting edge technologies and tactics


achieve immediate gains, and create a foundation for continued, long-term improvement

Data Driven

utilize big data to create a larger digital footprint in a short period of time

Broader Impact

boost performance across all your search market verticals, capturing a wider audience


optimize and improve performance for up to millions of pages on multiple domains

World-Class Results

leverage a Macro approach proven successful by some of the largest brands in the world, in the most competitive markets

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