Myers Media group provides Macro SEO solutions & strategy for Fortune 5000 clients around the world in multiple languages. With clients like Expedia, Advance Auto Parts, Sears, Home Advisor and Travelocity, our technologies & tactics have achieved proven results for over a decade, through all Google updates, and in the most competitive organic search markets. We create and manage millions of keywords and pages for our clients. We find new search market opportunities through big data, and implement technologies that close content gaps and deliver significant rank improvements across entire market segments.

Our goal is to scale your searchtm.

what we do:

Myers Media Group offers organic search products and services that help enterprise websites reach their broadest market share in highly competitive spaces. We develop the core components of a sustainable SEO infrastructure, including the abilities to catalog and prioritize all SEO assets, optimize existing infrastructure, and generate and manage large quantities of optimized content.

how we do it:

While most SEO agencies focus on a few hundred head terms, MMG has developed tools that manage millions of head, mid and long tail terms. rather than taking aim at a small target, our systems cast a wide net into the sea of searchers looking for your products using head, mid and long tail queries.

In addition, we look at page performance – measuring the type and total number of keywords performing for various types of pages on your site that are central to converting your traffic. enterprise SEO is about monitoring page performance just as much as keyword performance.

why we do it:

While the head terms may seem to represent 80% of the search traffic, the millions of remaining viable search terms can bring an equal (or greater) amount of orders. We all know that 100% of your competitors are after the most visible terms. but how many have successfully captured the rest? We play where you can win and achieve a critical competitive advantage.

ask yourself…

Do you want traffic that comes and goes, or traffic that comes and pays? That’s the key difference between deep search traffic who use very specific phrases and the lookie-loos who are still as yet undecided. MMG’s proprietary technologies and extensive experience can expand your SEO strategy to include your entire search market. Let us help you scale your search.


MMG specializes in large campaigns that target tens of thousands to millions of keywords. we service enterprise clients in North America, Europe, Asia, Oceania and South America.

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