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Myers Media Group provides data-driven digital marketing solutions for top Internet brands around the world. For clients like Expedia, Advance Auto Parts, Sears, GrubHub, and Travelocity, our technologies & tactics have achieved proven results for over a decade, through all Google updates, and in the most competitive organic and paid search markets.

MMG’s management, delivery, and engineering teams have invested thousands of hours and millions of dollars to help solve the most common problems large, enterprise sites face in highly competitive markets.

After learning from the trials and successes of their clients, the team has incorporated these lessons into MMG’s technologies and supporting services, building the right key to fit the lock.

Today, Myers Media Group offers multiple digital marketing technologies, with supporting services, to help top Internet brands in highly competitive verticals reach their broadest market share. While specializing in organic search, MMG’s platform also provides a strong foundation for SEM, Email marketing and social media channels to succeed.


MMG specializes in large campaigns that target tens of thousands to millions of keywords. We service enterprise clients in North America, Europe, Asia, Oceania and South America.

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